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New geoeconomic concept, in this hybrid zone, at the confluence of offshore maritime spaces and shorelines

Definition of the Blue Economy

Sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved incomes and jobs, and healthy ocean ecosystems

Our triptych of the Blue Industry™ and scalable, integrable and duplicable spheres of productive operations at the service of the Blue Economy


Blue Shipyard™

The "Blue Shipyard" consists of the implementation of an integrated value chain aimed at producing, transforming, repairing, maintaining and training the crews of offshore, fishing, service or innovative pollution control vessels with high technological content.


Blue Fishery™

The "Blue Fishery" practices the capture in the ocean of non-exploited or under-exploited fish species using vessels emitting little or no CO 2 and with zero discharge into the sea and

Strictly limited “by catch” thanks to the use of hyper-selective fishing gear.


Blue Process™

The "Blue Process" is an integrated chain for processing marine catches operating with very low CO2 emissions thanks to hybrid solutions for the production of energy, hydrogen and water allowing optimal use of seafood products.

In 2021, we recommissioned an experimental ship that had been stranded in Japan since the start of the pandemic in 2020, to ferry it to Dubai.

This successful, yet extremely difficult operation that lasted six months illustrates our ability to bring together skills to manage complex maritime projects.

The ship arrived in Dubai in March 2021 on time for the closing and handover events between World Expo Dubai 2020 and Osaka Kansai 2025.

A “Turtle release” event was organized with the Burj al Arab and the Jumeirah group in May 2022 as part of the fight against plastics pollution at sea.

We achieve impossible missions!

Ongoing assignments

EUROPE – France


Reengineering and merger acquisition of a plasma spray coating company

EUROPE – France


Designed and construction of the BOAXT™ concept, a 20-foot aluminum container that
transforms into a multipurpose floating platform

Solutions for the sustainable exploitation and carbon-free valorization of fisheries


AFRICA - Mauritania



Feasibility study and deployment of new activities in the sustainable fishing sector



Creation of the BOAXT concept prototyping  and industrialization

EUROPE - France


Reengineering et fusion acquisition d’une société de traitement de surface par projection

EUROPE – France


Conception et réalisation du concept BOAXT™, un conteneur de 20 pieds en aluminium
qui se transforme en une plateforme flottante à usage multiple

AFRIQUE - Mauritanie


Solutions d’exploitation durable et de valorisation décarbonées des ressources

AFRIQUE – Mauritanie


Pêcherie expérimentale étude d'impact sur la capture de ressources halieutiques non

JAPON - Asie


Analyse de marché et développement d’une gamme spécifique de produits de la mer

JAPON – Asie


Opération expérimentale de décontamination et de collecte de plastique sur une ile

Market analysis and development of a specific range of seafood products


JAPAN - Asia

Experimental fishery impact study on the capture of unexploited fishery resources


AFRICA - Mauritania

Experimental decontamination operation and plastic collection on a Japanese island


JAPAN - Asia

Blue Territory ®:The Manifesto 

In today's multipolar world, threats abound but so do opportunities.

While the potential of the high seas is well known, the potential of these hybrid zones, at the confluence of offshore maritime spaces and shorelines, is less so. They are, however, an extraordinary source of wealth - still broadly under-exploited – likely of being enhanced by the Blue Territory® concept.

Setting up and managing complex maritime projects in these territories, matching the resources of French engineering with the needs of humanity, to develop synergies of knowledge, innovation and wealth production, such is the vocation of Le Quéré SAS.

This reterritorialization, respectful of human communities and their living environment, does not only concern France, which has the largest maritime domain in the world. It is the whole sphere of international cooperation that is concerned here, combining socio-economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Using the analysis and action grid of territorial economic intelligence within the framework of a revisited geo-economy of waters, Blue Territory® stands out as a concept that, when applied concretely, constitutes a lever of influence for our country and its reindustrialization.

Our vision of global engineering for the blue economy is the interconnection of seven innovative scalable and duplicable spheres of operations

  1. Blue Industry™

  2. Blue Shipyard™

  3. Blue Fishery™

  4. Blue Process™

  5. Blue Cleanup™

  6. Blue Vegetal™

  7. BlueCouncil™

The federation of industrial means which placed in synergy allow the deployment of the
real Blue Economy as well as the training of all the actors of this transition.

Blue Industry™

A value chain designed for production, transformation, repair, and maintenance of
innovative fishing, service or pollution-control vessels with high technological content.

Blue Shipyard™

Capture of under-exploited marine species in the ocean, using vessels with low carbon
footprint and utilizing hyper-selective, zero-waste fishing techniques and gears.

Blue Fishery™

Integral and optimal valorization in Zero Reject mode of the sea products using renewable
energies and producing electricity and water.

Blue Process™

Innovative multiplex and multimodal system allowing the collection of debris on
inaccessible shores as well as the removal of plastics and microplastics in coastal areas

Blue Cleanup™

The implementation of seaweed cultivation to create areas to shelter juveniles and carbon
sinks to offset CO 2 emissions from fisheries and fish processing activities.

Blue Vegetal™

An advisory, support and certification service for companies and organizations that
develop activities in line with the principles and values of the Blue Economy.

Blue Council™

Our actions and initiatives are part of a new territorial economic intelligence, creating value and generating social and environmental sustainability.


Blue Territory ® is the sphere in which we interconnect operations, backed particularly by our innovative concepts and industrial and intellectual property rights.


Blue Cleanup ®: Our mission, started in 2021 and funded by the SARAYA Group, which consisted of the release of an experimental vessel in Japan and its delivery to Dubai, was successfully accomplished. The "turtle release" operation was organized with the Burj Al Arab. Our solutions, then under development, were unveiled. Concrete projects resulting from this are being studied for the West Indies (collection of sargassum algae), the UAE and Japan (plastic disposal).

 FRANCE - Biomedical

Saraya Medtech ® : Since 2021 we have been working on an M&A operation between the French spray coating company Terolab Surface SAS and the SARAYA group. The Japanese multinational has entrusted us with the exclusive mission of acquiring it in 2022 for its external growth and diversification strategy. We have succeeded thanks to our know-how, outside the maritime sphere, in restructuring and reengineering of complex industrial activities. LE QUÉRÉ SAS assumes the statutory management of the subsidiary Saraya Medtech SAS as CEO.

EUROPE - France 

Blue Event ®: We designed, built and patented the BOAXT® "a boat in a box", multiplex and multimodal. Aluminum 20-foot ISO containers that transform into floating platforms. We are starting to operate them for events. The prototyping is finished, the pre-production is launched, the R&D continues with the development of multiple applications. Serial construction of the BOAXT® with the Blue Industry® production unit will begin in 2024.

AFRICA - Mauritania 

Blue Fishery ® & Blue Process ®: We are launching an experimental fishing campaign, in Joint-Venture with a multinational and in cooperation with the authorities. The goal is the sustainable exploitation of the halieutic resources of Mauritania and their optimized and integral valorization. After the analysis of the socio-environmental impact, innovative vessels and a new processing unit of our design, zero emission & zero discharge, will be deployed to serve the "Mauritania Blue Economy ®".

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